The maintenance of law and order and security is very important for the smooth functioning activity is looked after by the Proctoral Office wchich is headed by a Chief Proctor and assisted by Proctors and the Watch and Ward staff. Each student is required to adhere to a code of conduct and any violation thereof renders him/her liable to strict disciplanary action like in the case of ragging which is not allowed on the campus. Besides, the proctoral Wing has a strong contingent of 117 armed personnel who are working on deputation from the J&k police. There is also a Women's Cell in the University headed by the Dean Student Welfare which is meant to address issues involving harassment of woman students on the campus. The following helpline Nos. are available for contact in case of an emergency:

  1. Dr. Naseer Iqbal,Chief Proctor : 9419079191
  2. Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Wani, Dy. Chief Proctor :9419095088
  3. Mr. Nisar Ahmad, Chief Secuirty Officer :9419628428
  4. Dr. Tabasum Firdous,Proctor :9419023236
  5. Dr. Javid Ahmad,Proctor :9469513901
  6. Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmad,Proctor :9419968539
  7. Er. Riyaz Ahmad Qureshi,Proctor : 8713844444