S.No. Name of the Hostel No. of Rooms Intake Capacity
1. Meboob-ul-Alam (M.A.) Boys Hostel 76* 180
2. Maulana Anwar Shah (M.A.K.) Boys Hostel 50 200
3. Gani Kashmiri (G.K.) Research Scholar INN (for males) 29 58
4. Habba Khatoon (H.K.) Girls Hostel 59* 170
5. Rabia Basri (R.B.) Girls Hostel 41* 170

* M.A.Boys Hostel a) 28 Rooms with three bed capacity
b) 48 rooms with two bed capacity
* H.K. Girls Hostel a) 25 Rooms with two bed capacity
b) 16 rooms with three bed capacity
c) 18 Rooms with four bed capacity
* R.B. Girls Hostel a) 38 Rooms with four bed capacity
b) 03 rooms with six bed capacity

Each hostel provides mess facility and services of room attendents to its boarders inaddition to recreational and other basic facilities.For accommodation in these hostels, the office of the chief warden invites application from eligible and bonafide candidates.The allotment is made by a committee approved for the purpose according to certain prescribed norms.Meritorious students and those belonging to far-flung areas of the state are given preferance.The detailed rules and regulations governing hostel accommodation can be had from the offfice of the chief warden.However, some of the basic rules are listed below: - Each selected student is required to give an affidavit to the effect that he/she will abide by hostel rules and regulations failing which his/her hostel admission willbe cancelled. - Each student is required to join the hostel mess as self cooking is not allowed. - Fee for accommodation (presently Rs.1450/-) is to be deposited in advance. - The maximum time limit for hostel accommodation is as follows:-

Course Maximum Time Limit
M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Com./ M.B.A./ LL.M/MLIS/M.Tech 2 years
LL.B./M.C.A. Students 3 years
M.Phil. Students 1.5 years
Ph.D. Scholars 3 years